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Objective of our team

Know Our Objective

To fulfill our mission, we at ATA focus on identifying and creating programs that prepare students for professional careers in a reasonably short period of time. We are dedicated to enhancing students’ competencies through:

  • Provide flexible and accessible higher education and training opportunities for working adults.
  • To offer higher education and training opportunities that are up to date with technology and the professional demands of the market.
  • To have professors with ample professional and academic experience.
  • Integrate a better understanding of cultural diversity into the educational process.
  • Provide educational support services that meet the demands and schedules of student life.
  • To foster in students the value of lifelong learning and education.

Thank you for considering
Alta Tech Academy as your
Authorized Testing Center.

Hey there! If you’re interested in becoming a nurse assistant, you’ll be happy to know that the program only takes 160 hours or 4 weeks to complete. Classes run Monday to Friday for 1 month. To reserve your seat, just give us a call at 888-474-6116. Good luck!

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