Patient Care


Program Patient Care

The «Patient Care» program is designed for those interested in developing skills and knowledge to provide quality and compassionate care to patients in health care settings. Through this course, students will learn the practical skills and fundamental concepts necessary to effectively interact with and care for patients.

The «Patient Care» program focuses on the following aspects:

Effective Communication: students will learn to establish clear and empathetic communication with patients. This involves developing active listening skills, conveying information in an understandable manner, and responding appropriately to patients’ needs and concerns.

Empathy and Compassionate Care: The course focuses on fostering empathy and compassion towards patients. Students will learn to understand and respond to patients’ emotions and difficult situations, providing emotional support and creating a positive caring environment.

Assistance and mobility techniques: Students will acquire practical skills to assist patients in their mobility and daily activities. This may include safe transfer techniques, assistance with personal hygiene, feeding and administering basic medications.

Observation and symptom reporting: Students will learn to perform proper observation of patients, identify relevant signs and symptoms, and accurately and timely communicate this information to medical personnel. This is essential for proper patient follow-up and care.

Ethics and confidentiality: The program will emphasize the importance of maintaining high ethical standards and confidentiality in patient care. Students will understand the importance of respecting patient privacy and maintaining confidentiality of medical information.

The «Patient Care» program provides students with the essential skills to provide quality and compassionate care to patients. Upon completion of this course, graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of health care settings, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and long-term care facilities.